Messages to Fans from Interstadia Limited

As you may have noticed Interstadia has been making changes to the overall system and processes involved with the ticketing and access control system, as a part of this new approach we would like to involve the fans on a more pro-active basis. In the sections below you will find some useful information on how things have changed and the progress of developments up to completion, testing and implementation.

We would appreciate any feedback, constructive and sensible suggestions are more than welcome via a new contact form that will be added and will get the best results for you 'the fan' and the club, many thanks, Interstadia Limited.

  • Whole Site Now Uses 256Bit Encryption
  • New Club Advertising Opportunities
  • Improved Password Request Functions.
  • More Prominent Error Messages.
  • Clearer Instructions..
  • New Design Layout and Responsiveness.
  • 75%
    Complete redevelopment of the seat selection tool to allow all devices to use with ease.
  • 50%
    Enhanced Checkout / Extra Payment Methods / Highest Level Of Security
  • 90%
    Improved Routing Of Any Problems Occured Between Fan / Club / Interstadia Ltd.

Below will be a list of ideas in which a fan can vote whether it would be a welcome addition to the system or not, this will be then discussed with the clubs and if agreed, implemented.

  • On Hold Until Start Of 2017-18 Season.
Dundee FC
4th Jul 2017 at 7:45pm

Home - St Mirren Park
General Sale Unavailable
Livingston FC
18th Jul 2017 at 7:45pm

Home - St Mirren Park
Betfred Cup General Sale Unavailable
Airdronians FC
29th Jul 2017 at 3:00pm

Home - St Mirren Park
Betfred Cup General Sale Unavailable